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Shannon Adams of Yadkinville, NC, has been named the winner of the 2013-14 Grandfather Mountain Winter Weather Contest.

snow YADKINVILLE RESIDENT WINS 2013 14 WINTER WEATHER CONTESTAdams beat out 38 other contestants who submitted their forecasts online last fall. As winner, Adams earns free admission for six to Grandfather Mountain and a free lunch at Mildred’s Grill.

Adams, like exactly 23 other contestants, correctly answered two of 10 questions — but she was the only one to get the tie-breaker question right.

She correctly guessed that January would be the month with the coldest average low temperature (9.85 degrees) and that February would bring the most snowfall, as measured at the Entrance Gate (13 inches).

Adams also aced the tie-breaker question, guessing that Grandfather Mountain would receive 13 inches of snow in February.

The Yadkinville resident said she didn’t have any particular strategy in picking her answers, adding that she was “even more excited than usual” for her next visit. She said she has visited Grandfather Mountain just twice as an adult.

“After seeing how much my daughter enjoyed it, I knew I wanted her to visit as much as possible,” Adams said. “She is now 4, and we are trying to foster in her an appreciation of nature and North Carolina’s outstanding natural beauty.”

The contest ran from Nov. 15 through April 15. All snow measurements were taken at the Entrance Gate.

The contest answers were as follows:

1) When will Grandfather Mountain have the first significant snowfall (6 inches or more)? Feb. 3, 2014

2) How many days will Grandfather Mountain have at least a trace of snow? 18 days

3) How many inches of snow will Grandfather Mountain get this winter? 33.3 inches

4) What month will have the coldest average low temperature? January (9.85 degrees)

5) How many days will the temperature be zero or below? 9 days

6) What will be the average low temperature for the month of January? 9.85 degrees

7) What will be the coldest temperature this winter on Grandfather Mountain? -17.89 degrees

8) What will be the highest wind speed this winter using Grandfather Mountain’s anemometer located on the Mile High Swinging Bridge? 113 mph

9) Which winter month will bring the most snowfall to Grandfather Mountain? February (13 inches)

10) How many days will the anemometer on the Mile High Swinging Bridge record a 3-second wind gust of 60 mph or higher? 62 days

Tie breaker: How many inches of snow will Grandfather Mountain have in February? 13 inches

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