Grandfather Mountain, Nature on a Whole Different Level
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Conservation & Interpretation

Museum Exhibits

  • North Carolina Amethyst (The 165-pound cluster is considered the finest amethyst ever discovered in North America)
  • Gems & Minerals of North Carolina
  • North Carolina Gold (including largest gold nugget on public display in N.C.)
  • Birds of North Carolina
  • Dendrochronology (time as measured by counting rings in a tree)
  • Indians at Grandfather Mountain
  • Daniel Boone
  • Mushrooms of the Mountains
  • Edible Berries
  • Wildflowers of Grandfather Mountain
  • 3-dimensional scale model of Grandfather Mountain
  • White-tailed Deer (photo exhibit)
  • Black Bears (photo exhibit)
  • Cougars (photo exhibit)
  • Eagles (photo exhibit)
  • Ravens (photo exhibit)
  • Real-time Weather (current instrument readings)
  • 50+ Years of Weather Records
  • Grandfather's Rock Formations
  • A Billion-Year-Old Rock guests can touch
  • Rare and Endangered Species
  • Early Botanists
  • Air Pollution Effects on the Mountains
  • Man & Biosphere Program (photo exhibit)
  • Black Birch Burl Bowl (a 64" x 46" x 34" bowl fashioned from a 3,200 pound piece of black birch)


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