Facilities & Amenities



There are restrooms available at

  • the Entrance gate where you enter
  • the picnic area located on the right 1/3 mile inside the park
  • the Nature Museum, half way up the Mountain
  • the Top Shop next to the Swinging Bridge

Elevator to Bridge

There is an elevator in the Top Shop providing handicap access to the Swinging Bridge.


Mildred’s Grill is a 140-seat family restaurant located in the Nature Museum. The menu offers soup, salads, sandwiches and picnic items at reasonable prices. Orders will be packaged “to go” for those wishing to find a picnic table. A 50-seat section of the restaurant can be closed off for private dining.

wolf Facilities & AmenitiesWood Carver’s Workshop

Tom Wolfe is one of America’s preeminent carvers of caricature figurines, and your family can watch him work when you visit his shop located next to the Woods Walk in the Grandfather Mountain picnic area. Stop in to hear his stories and to see his charming characters take shape. Tom is on site from 11 to 3 most days during the late spring, summer and fall –weather permitting. When you see his “woodcarver” sign hanging from the picnic area sign, you will know that Tom is welcoming visitors.

Picnic Tables & Grills

Over 100 picnic tables are scattered at pull off points and overlooks throughout the park. Most of the picnic spots have grills in addition to tables.

The picnic area located on the right about 1/3 mile up the summit road is equipped with a water fountain and restrooms.

ATM Available

The Automated Teller Machine is in the Nature Museum, half way up the Mountain.

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  • I picked up my 6 year old son from school  and asked him if he could guess where I was gonna take him to spend the weekend. With eyes big and wide he asked, Grandfather Mt? I have never seen him get so happy. Or should I say, pumped up to the max. He thanked me over and over again, while packing for the night in the wild. As with most things in life can be, this was a gift that did not fade away or break like most  presents after minutes of play.  As we got closer  to the top he expressed his deepest thanks, I saw my boy grow up this weekend. I pushed him and he pushed me and together we made it all the way from 105 to the Swinging Bridge.  "Get Out More.  Make memories, not regrets."
    Sugar Mtn, NC
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