Weather Records

Weather Records

59 years of weather records from the US Weather Service Reporting Station on Grandfather Mountain

The official U.S. Weather Service Reporting Station located at the Swinging Bridge Visitor Center has been providing daily weather observations since August 1955.

The Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation also works with Appalachian State University to measure weather from the Mile High Swinging Bridge and top parking lot.

With rare exceptions, the temperature will be 10 to 20 degrees cooler at Grandfather Mountain than in the flatlands below. The average rate is 2.2 degrees per 1,000 feet, meaning that for each thousand feet gained, the air is 2.2 degrees cooler.

Average Annual Rainfall 63.13 in.
Most Rain in One Day 11.3 in. September 8, 2004
Most Rain in Two Days 12.15 in. September 7-8, 2004
Most Rain in One Month 32.3 in. September 2004
Least Rain in One Month 0.31 in. October 1963


Wind Speed
Since February 2007 when the NWS approved meter was installed:
Highest recorded wind speed
120.7 mph December 21, 2012


Average Winter Snow 52.65 in.
Most Snow in One Winter 129 in. 1959-60
Least Snow in One Winter 7.5 in. 1957-58
Most Snow in One Month 55.06 in. January 1977
Most Snow in One Day 24 in. March 16, 1993
Earliest Fall Snow September 10, 1964
Latest Spring Snow May 27, 1961


Temperature Records (In Degrees Fahrenheit)
Highest Temperature 83 degrees Various dates
Lowest Temperature -32 degrees January 21, 1985


Average Daily Temperatures by month
Ave. High Ave. Low
January 35.37 19.86
February 37.55 21.86
March 44.61 28.63
April 53.95 37.10
May 60.77 45.47
June 66.46 53.08
July 69.37 56.57
August 68.23 56.03
September 62.88 50.68
October 54.29 40.73
November 46.10 31.83
December 38.83 24.26

* Updated as of Jan. 2015

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  • This visit to Grandfather Mountain was clearly worth the drive up to see the beautiful views and the animals in the habitats.  We ate at the restaurant and went to the nature museum also which was nice.  Really enjoyed the drive up.

    Thomasville, NC
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