Grandfather Mountain, Nature on a Whole Different Level

WIldlife Habitats

Grandfather has seven environmental habitats for black bears , river otters , cougars , bald eagles, golden eagles , and white-tailed deer.

bear habitat viewing area

Environmental habitats are large enclosures that allow visitors to see animals in natural settings. Unlike the exhibits found in city zoos which bring in plants and boulders to recreate an appropriate setting, these enclosures were built around the animals' actual native habitat.

otter viewing areaViewing areas give visitors an up-close perspective of the animals as they live in the wild. Separated from the animals by moats or elevated above the habitats on large retaining walls, these viewing areas allow you to stand only a few feet away from animals you probably won't see in your everyday life. A special aquarium-like viewing area allows you to enjoy watching the playful otters above or below the water.

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